We Put Our Ingredients to the Test in a Rising Hy Refrigerator Raid

RisingHy Refrigerator Raid


Today I visited my good friend, Tyler, to raid his refrigerator and show him just what you can do with my hot sauces and condiments.

We made breakfast burritos by sauteing white onions in our Habanero Olive Oil and mixing it with our Devil Salt. Next we concocted Bloody Mary's by using our green and red hot sauces, as well as our Devil Salt and Honey Mustard. We then added in pepperoncinis, V8, Worcestershire sauce, and salted the rim using an orange and our Devil Salt.

When sauteing the onions and potatoes we used a mixture of our Habanero oil and regular olive oil to cut down on the heat. If you really like your dishes spicy, then I would suggest using our oil, but otherwise it is perfect for mixing. Once the onions and potatoes were nice and golden, I poured in the eggs.

Most people overcook their eggs - it's perfectly fine for them to remain "runny" when you take them off the heat, because they will continue to cook for a few minutes afterwards.

Once the eggs were just a little runny, we took them off the heat, placed them in some Tortilla Lady tortillas, and spiced them up with our red and green sauce. A dollop of guacamole went on top, and an apple salad on the side.

We didn't hear any complaints from anyone in Tyler's Kitchen!

I would consider this RisingHy refrigerator raid a success!

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