RisingHy's All Natural Hot Sauce Merges with Tortilla Lady

RisingHy started out as a joke from one of my friends who decided to give me a homemade hot sauce kit. What started out as an experiment in my kitchen during my sophomore year at Northern Arizona University is now a full-fledged business producing handmade specialty sauces (all thanks to the guinea pigs in the earlier days).

RisingHy is also proud to announce that we have merged with Tortilla Lady, a local business producing handmade tortillas and gorditas for the city of Flagstaff for nearly fifteen years. Instead of letting that brand disappear, we thought it would be a good move to preserve it and merge it with my own. As a bonus of this, RisingHy now has a commercial kitchen to mass-produce our sauces, and we also feel good that we're conserving a local brand and letting it grow alongside ours.

Although we're in a bigger kitchen, all of our sauces are still handmade and even bottled and packaged by us. However, we're looking to take our brand out of Flagstaff and across the country...even across international borders.

We look forward to growing alongside Tortilla Lady. Come visit us and try our sauces - you won't regret it!